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SOLD! AT: Þóri vom Hacklhof AT2016172391



Þóri vom Hacklhof AT2016172391
Father: DE2012110659 – Auður vom Wiesenhof
Father’s father: IS2001187660 – Álfasteinn frá Selfossi
Mother: AT2012271732 – Þyrnirós vom Hacklhof
Mothers father:  IS2006186813 – Sigursteinn frá Austvaðsholti 1

Location of the horse: Ausbildungsbetrieb Gratzl, 4715 Taufkirchen an der Trattnach, Austria

How did you meet this horse?
We have been working closely with Þóri’s breeder for years. Therefore we have always known about Þóri’s development since he was a young horse. His breeder always kept us up to date until Þóri finally came to our stable.

We highly appreciate Þóri’s breeder. The horses grow up very close to nature at his place. He is a veterinarian and farrier himself and therefore has the appropriate expertise. He also starts all his horses himself and finds a very good mix of gymnastic work and riding forward. Therefore we have already sold some very nice horses from his breeding in Austria and abroad.

Can you describe the character of this horse?
Þóri is very human-oriented. He always stands by the fence when you walk by and wants to come with you. He has a fine character and always concentrates on his rider. Even if he does not know or understand something yet because of his youth, he always tries to follow what the human says.

How long have you had Þóri?
He has been in our stable for five weeks now.

What is the most memorable moment together?
The first canter, because his canter-quality is incredible. Even for an adult horse in full training, you would say that the canter is just WOW. For such a young horse it is of course an even greater performance!

How is Þóri as a riding horse?
His conformation already shows his class: Þóri is clearly built uphill, with a fantastic topline, long legs and an attractive size. These top points make it easy for him to move excellently under the rider. His gait matches his looks! Tölt, walk, trot and canter are equally strong. And Þóri also offers flying pace very easily. Despite his youthful age of five years, he already gives an advanced riding feeling outside and inside. Þóri is already very developed because of his talent in training. He is fine on the aids and always cooperates with full commitment.

What is the highest score of the horse?
He is five years old and not shown yet.

What makes this horse so special?
His top conformation combined with his equally strong gaits and his positive motivation to work. These qualities make it very easy to train him and of course to fall in love with him.

What is Þóri best at?
At the moment he shines with his talent, through which he is already very developed for his age. Where his greatest strength will ultimately lie in the future cannot yet be definitively said. We expect a smartly ridden performance in five-gait, where every gait is a joy to watch.

Why is it time for you to part?
Well, we are a sales stable and it is our job to find dream homes for dream horses.

Can you sketch the perfect owner for Þóri?
Someone who enjoys developing a promising young horse himself. Someone who enjoys great conformation enjoys riding a fine horse and enjoys spending time with his horse.




Contact details:
Ausbildungsbetrieb Gratzl, Austria

++43 / 664 / 18 24 331

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