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Course: Johan Häggberg 19th & 20th of September



Are you interested in a course with private lessons from a famous trainer and international judge? Johan Häggberg from Sweden is able to come to place our in Neer (NL, Limburg) the 19th & 20th of September(, maybe also the 18th). There is a 250m oval track at our place and a good quality arena, so everything you need to develop your riding in this course! The stable is located only 17 minutes away from the German border, so it’s also a possibility to have riders over from our neighbouring country! The course will be all-inclusive, with a paddock for your horse, a bed for you and of course breakfast, lunch and dinner. So if you want to enjoy this course with us please contact the family Dirix!

Kiki Dirix via PM on Facebook or by phone +31655797515