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DK: Frami fra Arnaholl DK2011100931



Photo: Töltaren Sofie Lahtinen

Frami fra Arnarholl DK2011100931
Father: Viktor fra Diisa (8.63 rideability 8.47) Viktor scored over 8 in both T1 and V1
Fathers father: Garri frá Reykjavík (8.77, 9.05 on rideability)
Mother: Finna fra Feti  (8.52, 8.68 on rideability) Finna was also shown on the WC in NL in 2007
Mothers father: Roði frá Múla (8.07)

Frami has a blub 121 and has been assessed on a breeding show. He scored 8.18 on exterior and 8.58 on rideability which makes a total of 8.42! He comes out of a long line of good and first prize horses.
This horse is located in Denmark

How did you meet this horse?
Frami is born at our place and we raised him. Because we have bred him ourselves we have known him since the day he was born.

Can you describe the character of this horse?
Frami has a kind character. He is always willing to do his best for his rider. Even after a long holiday you can just get him out of the field, put a saddle on him and he will do his absolute best for his rider!.

What is the most memorable moment together?
Two years ago we decided to try Gáðingakeppni with Frami and we ride A-flokkur (fivegait) and we scored 8.62! That was a really memorable moment!

How is Frami as a riding horse?
Frami always want to please his rider, has a great temperament! I and my wife both ride him and he adjusts beautifully after each individual rider.

Photo: Töltaren

What is the highest score of the horse?
Frami has scored 7.83 in T.1 and 8.62 in A-flokkur (fivegait) . That is pretty good for a 5 gaiter!
He has also been assessed in breeding shows and received first prize. He scored 9 on tölt and temperament! His rideability was rewarded with 8.58!

What makes this horse so special?
His amazing character and his smooth gaits and his amazing tölt!

What is Frami best at?
His strongest gaits are definitely tölt and pace but his trot is also really good!

Photo: Töltaren


Why is it time for you to part?
We now have 11 offsprings after him and among that is a very promising young stallion. We feel like it is time for ”new blood” in our breeding lines at Arnaholl and therefore we decided that we are looking for a new owner for Frami.

Can you sketch the perfect owner for Frami?
For a rider that wants to ride both T1 and fivegait and pace test (pp1) on a high level! With Frami you can go all the way and have a fantastic sports career with him and use him as a breeding stallion of course.

The price for Farmi is €55000.

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