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DK: Gítar frá Hindbjerghus DK2009101059



Gítar frá Hindbjerghus DK2009101059
Father: Garpur frá Auðsholtshjáleigu
Fathers father: Orri frá Þúfu í Landeyjum
Mother:  Elja frá Hvolsvelli
Mothers father: Bylur frá Kolkuósi

Blub index 101 total w/o pace 108
FIZO breeding:

Total 7.88  with 8 tölt, 8,5 trot, 9 canter, 8,5 willingness, 8,5 rideability, 8,5 slow tölt, 9 galop

Location of the horse: Silkeborg, Denmark

How did you meet this horse?
I have known this horse for a couple of years. He is something very special. He is one of my student’s horse’s and its a pleasure to train such a talented and well-ridden horse and helping find his new home!

Can you describe the character of this horse?
Gitar is extremely kind, clever and willing to work. He has an amazing character. He is always happy to work and he is very soft and smooth to ride. He is never difficult to stop and never spooky or afraid of anything.

How long have you had Gítar?
Gitar has had the same owner all his life. he will be sold directly from the breeder.

How is Gítar as a riding horse?
Gitar is a perfect riding/sport horse. A pleasure to ride in the arena and a pleasure in the forest when hacking. Perfect gentleman for a junior/young rider or as a luxury riding horse.  The knows all ground/dressage work and is very well ridden. he is never strong in the mouth hand connection.

What is the highest score of the horse?
Gitar hasn’t competed a lot yet. The owner didn’t wasn’t interested in competing. But the first show he rode a V2 and he scored 6,20.

What makes this horse so special?
Even though Gitar is a stallion he is a true gentleman. He is used to be in the paddock with other horses, is standing next to mares in the stable and you will never notice him having bad “stallion manners”.

What is Gítar best at?
Gitar is the perfect fourgaiter. He had 4 amazing gaits with lots of potential. And it’s rare to find an eleven-year-old horse directly from the breeder. He has always been taking perfect care of and isn’t trained hard with at all. He has still lots of years to come as a riding horse.

Can you sketch the perfect owner for him?
This is a real dream horse. We hope to find the perfect home for him where he will be loved as much as he has been until now. Gitar would be a perfect horse for a talented junior rider or for a lady who wants a nice ride every day.

The price that we ask for Gítar is €30.000

If you want to meet this horse, please contact Simone Hoppe who is selling him for the owners and breeders.
Telephone: 0045 61144486
Adres: Lemming bygade 77, 8632 Lemming, Denmark


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