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IS: Árelíus frá Blönduósi IS2020156520



Árelíus frá Blönduósi  IS2020156520

F: Gljátoppur frá Miðhrauni (8.21 / 8.59 without Pace)
FF: Álfarinn frá Syðri-Gegnishólum (8.65)
M: Vordís frá Miðengi
MF: Hugi frá Síðu (8.12)
MFF: Klettur frá Hvammi (8.49)

Blup total 103 Blup without pace 103,5
Location of the horse: Iceland, Austur-Húnavatnssýsla

How did you meet this horse?
I bred him myself, he is the third foal that I got from his mother.

Can you describe the character of this horse?
Árelíus is curious in the field with good reactions. He is not much into being touched, but very calm around you. His mother is not too much into humans, but after weaning all her foals turned out calm and easy around people. Guess Árelíus will be the same. Especially as Gljátoppur has a heart of gold.

How long have you had Árelíus?
Since he is born, I own his mother now for 5,5 years and trained her myself before she became a breeding mare.

What is the most memorable moment together?
As he was born before I moved to Iceland, the moment when I saw him first time live. But he always catches my eye when I meet him and makes me proud to be his breeder.

What makes this horse so special?
Árelíus combines a lot of good things, you want to have in an Icelandic horse. Best bloodlines with
a special colour, long and strong legs with good raised neck and a good character, as far as we can say now. But his parents promise the best. He is also very very cute and his big very big white blaze and the light palomino colour makes him even more of an eyecatcher.

What is Árelíus best at?
I think Árelíus could become a nice fourgait horse in future, also for (at least) smaller competition, maybe more. Not too sure if he has pace, he shows himself trotty for now. Also, he will probably just bring a lot of fun as a pleasure horse.

Why is it time for you to part?
Breeder’s life. You can’t keep them all unfortunately and currently, I have his mother as breeding mare, as well as his brother. Hard to let him go, but guess he will make someone else very happy.

Can you sketch the perfect owner for Árelíus?

A perfect owner would be someone who is looking for a luxury pleasure horse but is also ambitious to compete or due to his perfect overall package, he could be very interesting for breeders. I think Árelíus himself would be also very happy in just having a loving home with a lot of fun on trail rides, trick training and what else lights up the world in a happy home.

The price that I ask for Árelíus is  300.000 ISK / 1900€

If you want to meet this horse or contact his owner, then contact Vera Bungarten.
WhatsApp: 00354 8482986árelíus/
FB: Islandpferde aus dem Luftschloss
Instagram: loftkastal

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