Liberty Inspiration: Laury Tisseur at Neumühle

Laury Tisseur is one of the most famous equestrian artists in Europe. He has worked for several equestrian shows such as Appassionata and Cavalluna. Most people from the Icelandic Horse World probably know him from his breathtaking performance of the roman ride in the gala show of the World Championships in Berlin 2019.

But he doesn’t only do the Roman Ride, but also a lot of classical dressage, Working Equitation, trick riding and most of all liberty training. Liberty training was also the topic in his most recent course, that took place at Islandpferdegestüt Neumühle in south-western Germany, which is owned by Lisa Sachs and her family, two weeks ago and was held under all necessary Covid-restrictions.

Laury gave the participants an introduction into liberty training as well as demonstrating the harmonious connection he has with his Lusitano stallion Picasso. All participants were amazed by what they learned in these two days and a follow-up course is already in planning.

isibless met with Laury and talked to him about his work and about working with Icelandic Horses in an interview which you can listen to below.


You can also see a bit of Laury’s work with Picasso in a short video we filmed: