NL: Arðrún frá Mykjunesi 2 IS2012286721

Arðrún frá Mykjunesi 2 IS2012286721

Father: Arður frá Brautarholti IS2001137637
Mother: Tinna frá SauðShafa 2 IS2000276200
Father’s father: Orri frá þúfu í Landeyum IS1986186055
Mother’s father: Otur frá Sauðárkróki IS1982151001

Location of the horse: Berg en Dal, NL. Only 10 minutes away from the border at Kranenburg DE and Nijmegen NL. 

How did you meet this horse?
I met Arðrún at IJslanderstal frá Wyler. A few times a year we bring horses in from Iceland to train them and after that sell them. She was one of those horses. I worked with her for a couple of months and I really just fell in love with her and her character. She is so willing to work and to learn with you, she is very smart so she picks up the exercises very fast. I just couldn’t let her go and that’s how she became our horse.

Can you describe the character of this horse?
Arðrún is a very quick learner that wants to work for you!

How long have you had Arðrún?
I have had Arðrún for about a year now.

What is the most memorable moment together?
I don’t have a specific memorable moment with her. We have had so many great moments together, all of our rides through the forest, while even though she is not the biggest horse she really is the fastest but also very cool, our first competition season together and so many more things.

How is Arðrún as a riding horse?
Arðrún is a very smart horse, she picks up things extremely fast. She has developed so much since the first time I rode her. She is like a mirror, she returns what you give and ask, that’s also one of the reasons I learned so much from her. She is very willing to work and is very forward-thinking. Even though she likes to go forward so much she is very cool within her mind. She likes to work on the track but she also loves to go outside for a ride into the forest.

What makes this horse so special?
I think everything I have said about her makes her so special. She is extremely sweet and always motivated to go on a ride with you. She has very much potential in sports, but she is also an amazing horse to ride through the forest with. She has an endless tölt and she isn’t scared of much. I love that she has so much power in her but that she is also cool minded.

What is Arðrún best at?
Arðrún is best at going fast but she is also able to go really slow. She has a very high reach of tempo in her gaits (especially in trot).

Why is it time for you to part?
It is time for us to part because I have more horses and I am also studying so I just don’t have time for them all. I think she deserves someone who can give her all the attention and time she needs because she is such a sweet horse.

Can you sketch the perfect owner for Arðrún?
I think the perfect owner for Arðrún is someone who has a bit of experience and someone who wants to grow in the sport or just someone who really loves riding outside. Someone who gives her the love and attention she needs and who just wants to make fun with her and keep her happy. I think she would also be suited for a motivated young rider that might want to go to the Youth cup or just grow in the sport and learn a lot. Arðrún is a real teacher so you could learn a lot from her.

The price askes for this mare is €10.000.
If you want to meet Arðrún in real life then you can contact her owner Julie Klop or Mieke van Herwijnen


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