SOLD! NL: Leirblesi van ‘t Schermereylandt NL2018100039

Leirblesi van ‘t Schermereylandt
Father: IS2010186091 Geysir fra Skoti (7.98)
Fathers Father: IS2003188470 Hnokki fra Fellskoti (8.31)
Mother: IS2006225226 Litla-Svört fra Reykjavik (7.94)
Father/Mother: IS2001125233 Hylur fra Reykjavik (7.87)

Blub index 106

As a foal, he is judged
Total: 7.84
Interior/Type: 7.80
Exterior: 8.10
Gaits: 7.70

Location of the horse Swalmen (10 minutes from the German border at Roermond), the Netherlands.

How did you meet this horse?
I met this horse when he was only 4 months old, I saw him via a Facebook post and fell in love immediately. Two days later I went to visit him and bought him the day after.

Can you describe the character of this horse?
This horse is incredibly sweet and funny. He loves to play with his friends in the field but will always come to you when you call him. He likes cuddles but definitely knows his place, when he was a stallion he was quite officious but since he is a gelding this all disappeared.

How long have you had Leirblesi?
I bought Leiri when he was 4 months old, he will turn 4 in May. So that will be almost his whole life.

What is the most memorable moment together?
Well, when I went to his birthplace to pick him up to move him. Together with someone else, a small truck and inside the truck the father of Leirblesi as a buddy for the trip. Leirblesi was so overwhelmed by seeing the truck, and an unknown horse in it for him that he forgot how to move. We just pushed him gently in it and he stood still the whole trip. (for now, he goes in and of the truck/trailer perfect, he is used to it).

And one other funny moment was the week after his castration, I went to visit him and he definitely knew that I was responsible for it )

Leirblesi as foal

What makes this horse so special?
This horse has a great character, really….
I can imagine everyone says this about their horse. But I have seen many horses and owned enough to say that this one is a special one. A horse that will always work for you and will never stop making jokes. A real friend!

Why is it time for you to part?
Well, sometimes things in life don’t go the way you want. Leirblesi has not grown quite as I had hoped, but I also don’t have time to train a young horse at the moment.

He is very tall, already around 1.40 and I expect him to grow into 1.47 but he is quite compact. A little too compact for my taste.

Can you sketch the perfect owner for Leirblesi?
I guess he fits many owners, but the perfect fit for Leiri will be someone who loves to make time for a good education and connection with him. He will grow into a perfect leisure horse, and I guess he will do well in sports too! But also as a riding horse for a child, a family horse or maybe even in front of a sulky? I guess he can do it all! His character will not get in the way of all this above.

This horse is sold



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