Sold! NL: NL2017200112 Danadís frá Furðuloga


Danadís frá Furðuloga NL2017200112
Father: Sævar frá Teland
Mother: þokkadis frá Litla-Moshvoli
Fathers father: Lykill frá Blesastöðum 1A
Mothers father: Piltur frá Sperðli
Blub index 102

Location of the horse: Veenoord NL, half an hour from the German border at Meppen.

Danadís as foal in 2017

How did you meet this horse?
Danadís was born at our farm, so I have known her since she was little. After just a few hours it was very visible that she was something cool! The exact colour I wished for and her long legs moving like crazy!

Can you describe the character of Danadís?
Danadís is very friendly! She always greets you when you enter the stable and when it is time to go in, she comes running to the fence when you call her. She is brave and super safe, doesn’t spook easy and has a lot of trust in her person. She loves her cuddles and attention, she is a real princess!

What is the most memorable moment together?
Probably when my mother, who officially bred her, gave her to me as a birthday present for my 18th birthday; complete with pink ribbon!

 How is Danadís as a riding horse?
She has a very smooth tölt with nice movements that is super easy to ride!
Her trot has good suspension and a clear beat.  She is a real fivegaiter, but her canter shows good quality.
She has a super smooth relaxed walk with very long steps!  We haven’t trained her pace yet as she is still young, but sometimes she offered it by accident when you slow down from canter. It will be very easy to access later on in the training.
Danadís is still young and will require more training. The gaits are separated and very promising, she is 100% safe in traffic & she knows the beginnings of the dressage exercises, but we haven’t trained much in a riding hall. Mostly ridden her outside, focussing on building muscles, enjoying life as a riding horse and learning ‘on the go’.

What makes this horse so special?
Danadís is a real princess horse, with stunning looks (mega long blonde mane!) and a very sweet, safe and trustworthy character! Five good quality gaits that could very well be suited for competitions in the future.


What is Danadís best at?
Currently, she loves going out for trail rides in a group, having lots of fun with other horses & people!
She is the type of horse that loves to be the centre of attention, showing off and getting compliments & cuddles.

Why is it time for you to part?
I have quite a few horses, and sometimes you just have to decide that you cannot keep all.
Danadís is currently 1.37 and I am quite tall (1.80) with long legs, and I have a few other young horses to choose from that are bigger and also very cool, therefore I have decided she can look for a fitting new home. But I am definitely going to miss this sweet lady in our stable!

Can you sketch the perfect owner for Danadís?
Either a person who wants to build up their own promising young horse for competitions or somebody who just wants to ride through the forest with this beautiful mare; enjoying a super nice tölt on a safe horse!

This horse is sold!
If you want to meet Danadís contact her owner and seller Kirsten Valkenier.
Email:, Kirsten Valkenier on FB or 0031-639080985.