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NL: Vivaldi frá Teland DK2015100048



Vivaldi frá Teland    DK2015100048
Father:Lykill frá Blesastöðum 1A (8.3)
Mother: Sonnetta frá Lynghaga (8.1)
Fathers father: Orri frá Þúfu Í Landeyjum (8.34)
Mothers father: Óður frá Brún (8.34)
Blub index 109

Location of the horse: Veenoord. The Netherlands, 15 minutes from the German border (Meppen).


How did you meet this horse?
I bought Vivaldi at Teland as a 3-year-old because of his impressive movements and pedigree after I saw a video from him. Both his mother and father are horses with amazing FIZO and sports scores.

Can you describe the character of this horse?
Vivaldi has the sweetest character! He is still a stallion and only turning 6 years old, but he is very calm and friendly! He always comes to see what is happening, he is curious and interested but always very respectful.

How long have you had Vivaldi?
I have had Vivaldi for almost 3 years now, I bought him because I wanted to train a very talented horse all the way from the beginning. He has grown into the most fun horse to ride and has taught me a lot as a rider.

How is Vivaldi as a riding horse?
Almost everybody can ride him! He is very calm, gives exactly as much power as you ask for. If you want to go fast? You’ll go fast. If you want to go slow and relaxed? You will have a chill ride with him.
He is light on the reins and knows all the basic dressage exercises (shoulder-in, half pass, etc).
Vivaldi has five great gaits, that are all very easy to access. He has good, roomy movements and can go very fast; if you ask for it!

What is the highest score of the horse?
Vivaldi hasn’t participated in any official competitions yet due to his age (turning 6 this year) and Covid19 last year.

Vivaldi as a three-year-old:

What makes this horse so special?
Vivaldi has great self-carriage and is easily ‘uphill’ and because of his big movements combined with this, he looks and feels very impressive under saddle. Vivaldi is suitable for a wide range of riders and on top of that he is always in for whatever fun/crazy ideas you might think of!

Why is it time for you to part?
I have too many horses right now, I can’t compete with all of them this year, and the part that I really wanted to learn (starting a horse from the beginning) together with Vivaldi has been completed. He is a very fun and talented horse, that deserves to make a new rider very very happy!

Can you sketch the perfect owner for Vivaldi?
He is suitable for FIZO, competition or breeding. A rider who would like to further develop their own (sports) top horse while having the best time when riding through the forest with a happy horse and some friends, would be very happy with Vivaldi!


The price that is asked for Vivaldi is €16.000,-

If you want to meet this horse then Contact the seller Kirsten Valkenier by email:, on Facebook or call or WhatsApp her on this number  +31 639080985.

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