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NL: Vogun frá Skeggsstöðum IS2012256662



Vogun frá Skeggsstöðum IS2012256662
Father IS2004158045 Vafi frá Ysta-Mó (8,49 with 10 for mane, 9,5 for trot and 9 for pace.
Fathers father IS198816895 Gustur frá Hóli (honoury prize)
Mother IS1995256869 – Leista frá Kjalarlandi
Mothers father IS1981157001 – Sokki frá Kolkuósi (8,0)

Location of the horse: Rinsumageest, the Netherlands (1.5 hours from theGerman border at Bunde)

How did you meet this horse?
I met her when she came out of the trailer after I imported her from Iceland. She was stunning!

Can you describe the character of Vogun?
Vogun is a real lady. She is very well-behaved while handling, brushing, saddling, getting her into the trailer and with the farrier. She is calm to have in the stable. She loves to go out in the fields and she loves to eat. But also she enjoys very much taking a sprint and play with her friends.

How long have you had Vogun?
I have had her for 2 years now.

What is the most memorable moment together?
We had many memorable moments but I think for me personally it was really special to ride my first tölt in loose rein on the competition track. I had to quit riding a few years due to my health and it was my first competition again. It felt a bit scary but she gave me the trust and she just kept tölting very well and stayed with me. Amazing feeling! I was so proud afterwards! Because also for Vogun it was her first time riding loose rein on the competing track!

How is Vogun as a riding horse?
As a riding horse, she is powerful and listens well to the aids. When you ride her, you really can feel her energy from under the saddle. But she is very easy to handle. Sometimes, when she is in heat, she can be a bit moody but in general, she is very happy and eager to work! She is very nice to work with in the riding hall and ride dressage exercises, on the track and riding out. She is not easily scared or stressed out.

What is the highest score of the horse?
Because of Covid19 we weren’t able to ride many competitions but I rode a few and of course I am just a hobby rider. She got 6 for walk, and trot, canter and also for tölt on a loose rein. I am not the best competition rider either so she could probably get much and much higher with a better rider.


What makes this horse so special?
I think it is the combination of her amazing looks and movements. There are many good horses these days but she also has beautiful colour and beautiful mane. She is an absolute eye-catcher. She is a bit like a barbie horse.

What is Vogun best at?
I would say she has an amazing trot and endless tölt. She would be great as a competing horse in T2 and V1 but also very interesting to breed with.

Why is it time for you to part?
I don’t have the time to train her very often. I want to give her the chance to become a great competing horse who make all the heads turn. But when I don’t find her right match, I might get her covered.

Can you sketch the perfect owner for Vogun
A serious (young) rider who really enjoys working with her talent and loves to have an eyecatching horse or someone who wants to use her as a breeding mare. For the buyers, it would be an option to get a free covering from our first prize stallion.

If you want to meet Vogun or want to ask her owner for additional info about her, then contact Nynke Horjus.
Telephone+31 651249997
Or find her on Facebook under the name Nynke Fardau


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