Review: Casco Choice Turnier

While talking on the phone with another equestrian I told him that you should really buy a new helmet at least every two years. Because the inside of the helmet is made out of a foam that breaks down over time and can get little cracks that are not visible to the human eye but can make the helmet unsafe to wear. Then I realised that my own helmet (Casco Mistrall I) dated back to 2016, so it was already five years old. I realised that it wasn’t so good to give advice that you don’t follow yourself so when I was back home from the stable, I ordered a Casco Choice Turnier immediately and also bought a Casco helmet case to protect my new protection!

The first impression is very good. The helmet looks cool and I really like the sun visor. What I also like very much about Casco helmets is that the stripes on the helmets are changeable and there are many colours to choose from. I immediately switched the stripes of my new helmet to the red stripes I had on the Mistrall I. One of the things that surprised me about this helmet is the thin lining. I was used to the Mistrall which has a whole lining in the helmet and the Choice has only some lining on the sides of the helmet. I thought that wouldn’t be comfortable, but it doesn’t feel any different than the full lining. The helmet is in one size (52-56 cm) which is seen as a size S. I find that a shame because it excludes riders with bigger heads from riding with this model.

For me the helmet is comfortable to wear (I used to have a sore head with helmets from other brands after riding) and I like the look of it. In the coming two years I will definitely ride with the Choice Turnier! I also think that the price and quality are very good, I paid €80 for the helmet with a discount and the normal Choice is around €100 which is a very good price for a good looking helmet that has the VG1 certification and is therefore very safe to ride with. Also, the Choice helmet is available in multiple colours that have only been released a couple of weeks ago. Like grass green, wine red and pink! Those coloured helmets are really cool to have as a second helmet I think if you want to make cool photos during a photoshoot and you want to match the colour of the other equipment or clothing. Or if you want to have a nice vibrant competition outfit the new choice helmets are also really cool.

I really like the Choice Turnier helmet, but there are some things that I think that could be better. The holes in the helmet go straight to the head of the rider. If you ride in the rain you get a very wet head and that is not really great, so maybe it would be an idea to alter the holes or to make them smaller so that there is just less rain coming into the helmet. Or you should get another helmet and check the weather forecast if there is rain coming. Or if you don’t really mind like me you just ride and accept that you will have helmet hair after a rainy ride. The width adjustment for the head that is regulated with a wheel on the back of the helmet has two sort of branches on the side of the helmet that are visible from underneath the helmet. You don’t feel it but from an aesthetic point of view I would choose to keep the adjusting system in the helmet itself.

The case that I ordered for the helmet is nice but it’s quite big for a helmet in size S. I tried to fit both my helmets in the case but that didn’t fit. Maybe it would be an idea to make smaller cases for children’s and small adults‘ helmets and then bigger cases like the one I have now for helmets in size L?

The price for the helmets without discount is around €100 which is a very good prize for a fashionable helmet that is good quality. So I would definitely recommend the helmet to others that have a small head. The helmets are for sale at many different shops so I would recommend looking at the website of your local Casco dealer to find your choice of helmet. If you want to check out all the Casco helmets then take a look at Casco’s website.